Monday, November 26, 2018

MST Tutorial



This tutorial is mainly for users that are new to 3D, although it may be of interest to the more experienced among us.

For this tutorial I will be using the above
tile  from my seamless tile freebies that
are available on Renderosity***.

We start in Daz Studio iray preview mode, where I have pre-loaded a Genesis 3 character wearing the Hip Hop Outfit from Daz.
For this example I will be using only the HHTank item which I have made white.

Click on the scene tab (1), then expand Genesis, select HHTank item (2). Go to Actors tab (3) then editor tab (4), open surfaces tab (4A) click on HHTank, in drop down menu, you will see two options, Tank & Trim, select Tank(5). Click arrow box in Base Color parameter (6), select Browse, locate the texture you wish to use, click open.

The white Tank will have been replaced by the selected tile at its default 1x1 size & position, now scroll down (7) to the Tile & Offset parameters.

Adjust the Horizontal & Verticle Offsets (8)
to centre the pattern.
H.offset -0.28  V.offset 0.63

Adjust the Horizontal & verticle parameters (9) 
H.tiles 70.00 V.Tiles 4.00 also adjust H.offset -0.20
to achieve the above pattern

(10) H.Tiles 15.00  V.Tiles 15.00  
H.offset -0.060 V.offset -0.27 

(11) H.Tiles  1000.00  V.Tiles 6.00
As you can see, by changing these parameters a variety
of designs are possible. You can even change the Trim 
color on some clothing. Click Trim below Tank (5)
then click in the Base Color (6) numeral rectangle
to select a color

This method will work in poser and any other 3d software 
that has a tiling option.

All screen shots are iray preview Renders

***PS. Don't forget to check out my Freebies here



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